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GAEC L’Atelier du Sel,

Impasse du Breniguen,

Parc d’activités du MES

44350 St Molf



Matthieu +33 (0)6 78 62 74 84


We, Gilles Morel (uncle) and Matthieu Le Chantoux (nephew),  run an independent family business,  producing and harvesting Sea Salts. Our salt marshes are situated in the world famous Guérande basin,(close to the city of Nantes) more specifically in the beautiful Mès basin near Asserac.This is where we manually and naturally harness nature's energies to produce Sea Salt ( Sel Gris Marin : Coarse  Sea Salt and  Fleur de Sel literraly “Flower of  Salt”).


Coarse  Sea Salt and Flower of  Salt  are completely natural, delicate products created with a unique combination of  ancestral knowhow and natural elements; the wind, the sun and the ocean.


Put simply; we channel sea water at high tide using a traditional hydraulic system (vasière) through a sluice gate. We then force the sea water to evaporate by making it flow through a circuit  (cobier, fard, adernes). As the sea water evaporates, it gains in salinity until it reaches the crystalisers (oeillet),  where it forms the Salt Crystals which we then harvest during the production season (June to September).


Pure and natural. Our Salts are all harvested manually, retaining many essential natural trace elements.


The same method is used for our  Fleur de Sel (Flower of  Salt) which is delicately skimmed from the surface of the  crystalisers (oeillet). Like our Sea Salt  it is pure and natural. To preserve its natural taste it is left to dry naturally in the sun.


We pride ourselves in harvesting our Salt following the traditions of the French Terroir Guérandais and the methods of our ancestors.  This protects the subtle taste, aspect of the Coarse Sea Salt and the Flower of Salt.


 Our Salts are produced and harvested in accordance with the rigorous standards of the Indication Géographique Protégé IGP label ( Also know as the  Protected Geographical Indication; which is an  Official Sign of Quality and  of European Origin.) 


This fully guarantees the quality and the origin of our sea salt.


We also offer Certified Organic Aromatic Sea Salts  for  all your culinary pleasures. 


More informations :

Our key commitments :


− To Respect the Environment we live and work in.


− We do Not use any kinds of pesticides/ herbicides or other harmful products.


− After the harvest, our salt is not chemically enhanced, altered; no preservatives are added, such as  iodine or fluorine. It is pure, natural and full of  minerals.


− We Produce, Harvest and Sell Only our own salt production and adhere to the rigorous standards of the Indication Géographique Protégé IGP.


− All our ingredients are Certified Organic.


Sur les Salons :


MARJOLAINE ORGANIC FOOD FAIR PARIS- Parc Floral de Paris from the 4 to the 12 of November 2017. 




On Farmers Markets in the Summer  :


 Kercabellec commune de Mesquer (44)

Every Wednesday from 9am to 1pm during july and August.



Village of KERHINET, Saint-Lyphard (44)

Thursdays from 9am until 6pm during july,  August and mid-september.



On traditionnal Farmers Markets


 Port Navalo Summer Market

commune d'Arzon (56)

every friday from  8am until 12h30pm during july and August.




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. L'Atelier du Sel - Impasse du Breniguen - PA du MES  - 44350 St MOLF - Presqu'ile de Guérande  - Tél. +33 (0)6 78 62 74 84 -

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